About the GHIN Handicapping System

GHIN - The Finest in Handicapping Services

Be a part of the most widely recognized and credible handicapping service in the United States. There are currently 60 associations, 14,000 clubs and 2.2 million golfers throughout the US that make up the GHIN service, which makes it the largest handicap service provider in the world. The most reliable and best quality in handicap and tournament software packages that accompany the GHIN service are developed by the USGA and supported by the Florida State Golf Association.

Benefits For Clubs:

  • Convenience - Members are able to transfer scores between their clubs in Florida or up north on the GHIN network
  • Support - FREE support and equipment for all software and hardware, Outstanding personal customer service with the use of LogMeIn Rescue for remote access support.
  • Course rating and Measurement Services at no additional charge, ($1500.00 non-GHIN)
  • Revenue - Full member clubs are eligible to host events!  Possible revenue for the club below is based on full fields.  Full field numbers are in parenthesis. 
    • One Day Net Events - (72) $2000-$4000
    • USGA One Day Qualifiers - (84) $1000-$2000
    • FSGA One Day Qualifiers - (84) $4000-$5000
    • Florida Junior Tour Championships - (84) $8000-$10,000
    • FSGA Winter Series - (84) $10,000-$12,000
    • FSGA Championships - (64-168) $8000-$30,000
  • USGA TM - An excellent cloud-based system to manage competitions is included
  • Upgrades - downloadable free of charge
  • College scholarships and Grants offered to family members of GHIN club staff.  Last year $10,000.00 in scholarship money was awarded to college aged family members of GHIN clubs.
  • Clubs are actively supporting the USGA, FSGA and the game of golf in Florida

Benefits For Golfers:

  • Transfer Scores - effortlessly transfer scores from each home club using the GHIN National Network
  • Internet Score Posting - access your account anywhere the internet is available 
  • E-Mail Revisions - updates emailed straight to the player
  • Accuracy - Up-to-date course rating information in national database ensures proper handicaps
  • Competitions - eligibility to compete in over 600 days of competition including gross and net championships and one-day. Also Interclub matches each year
  • Grant money to Florida Junior Tour participants, last year we provided over $90,000 to junior golfers through tournament assistance and college assistance
  • Members are actively supporting the USGA, FSGA and the game of golf in Florida

Take The Next Step

Is your club ready to take the next step and move to the GHIN handicap system? Do you have more questions about the services and opportunities that come with the GHIN system?  Contact Aaron Skoviera, the Director of GHIN Services for the FSGA, at aaron@fsga.org or 813.632.3742 today!

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