About the Junior Florida Cup

2019 Junior Florida Cup

Deerwood Country Club
Jacksonville, FL
August 5-6, 2019

 2019 Tournament Recap


The Junior Florida Cup is hands down one of the most fun and exciting golf events in the state of Florida. Each year the state's top junior players are invited to participate in a North Florida versus South Florida team competition just like the Ryder Cup. The sixteen player teams play three 18 hole matches over two days with the winning team taking home not only the trophy, but also bragging rights in the state for the whole year!


The Ryder Cup style format has 32 total matches and each match is worth one point. The first team to 16 1/2 points wins the Cup for one year. A 16-16 tie results in the defending champions retaining the Cup for an additional year.

Practice Round and Team Meeting

The day before the event, players are encouraged to play a practice round and later attend the player gathering at the host site or local restaurant. 

Day 1

  • Morning Matches -  Eight four-ball matches worth the first eight points begin the race to the Cup.

  • Afternoon Matches - Eight foursome matches (alternate shot).

  • Pairings Dinner - The team captains and players will have dinner at the club after the opening day to pick pairings for the following day's singles matches. 

Day 2

  • Morning Matches - 16 singles matches will be played to determine the winning team.

  • Trophy Presentation - The trophy will be awarded to the winning team following the completion of play for all matches.

How Teams are Selected

Each team will consist of the following:

10 - Boys 

  • Top 4 players from the 16-18 Junior Florida Cup Points List
  • Top 3 players from the 13-15 Junior Florida Cup Points List
  • 3 players from either age division selected by the Committee

6 - Girls

  • Top 2 players from the 16-18 Junior Florida Cup Points List
  • Top 2 players from the 13-15 Junior Florida Cup Points List
  • 2 players from either age division selected by the Committee

Junior Florida Cup Points Lists

The Junior Cup Points Lists include points from FJT specific events beginning August 1st of the prior year. They do not include any FSGA or USGA championships.

 North Team

South Team

Boys 16-18

Boys 16-18
 Boys 13-15
Boys 13-15
Girls 16-18
Girls 16-18
Girls 13-15
Girls 13-15

*Invitations to the event will be sent out after the final Florida Junior Tour event in May.*

Past Results

2019 Junior Florida Cup Champions

North Team 

North Team - 20.5    vs.   South Team - 11.5

 Past Champions Page

Notable Players


Blayne Barber - 2006, 2007, 2008 -  North Team

Daniel Berger - 2008, 2009 - South Team 

Michael Hebert - 2006 - North Team

Sam Horsfield - 2011 - North Team

Sean Jacklin - 2007 - South Team

Brooks Koepka - 2006 - South Team

Hank Lebioda - 2010, 2011 - North Team

Gabriel Lench - 2012 - North Team

MJ Maguire - 2007, 2008 - North Team

Jack Maguire - 2008 - North Team

Chase Marinell - 2007, 2008 - South Team

Daniel Mazziotta - 2006, 2007 - North Team

Kevin Phelan - 2006, 2007 - North Team

Shun Yat Hak - 2008 - North Team


Cindy Feng - 2008 - North Team

Erica Popson - 2009 - North Team

Madison Pressel - 2006 - South Team

Lexi Thompson - 2006 - South Team

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